Igniting Creativity through
Cinematic Excellence.

In a world where light and color shape our perception, photography becomes the gateway to meaningful experiences. At Ausaf Umar Films, I believe that the fusion of artistry, storytelling, and vibrant visuals has the power to ignite passion and open minds.

My unique style is a harmonious blend of photojournalism, fine-art photography, and a touch of fashion, all brought to life through creative lighting techniques. I draw inspiration from the interplay of light and color, weaving them into every frame. From the captivating allure of black & white processing to the timeless charm of vintage aesthetics, my techniques elevate the art of photography.

However, my true focus lies in capturing the essence of the individuals I photograph. It is through their personalities that the images truly come alive. I strive to forge a connection that goes beyond the surface, revealing the genuine and authentic stories that lie within.

Welcome to Ausaf Umar Films, where each photograph is a masterpiece in its own right.

A Keen Eye For Excellence

In every endeavor I undertake.

As an Aquarius, known for my unique perspective and innovative thinking, I possess an unwavering commitment to precision and an innate appreciation for aesthetics. I thrive when collaborating with individuals who share the same passion for excellence and an eye for detail.

Why Choose Me?

lighting mastery
Lighting plays a crucial role in cinematography, and a professional cinematographer has a keen eye for lighting techniques. They know how to use natural and artificial light to enhance the mood, create dimension, and bring out the desired aesthetics in a scene.
Collaborative expertise
A professional cinematographer excels in collaboration, working closely with directors, production teams, and other crew members. They effectively communicate their ideas, listen to feedback, and adapt their approach to align with the overall vision of the project.
Equipment mastery
Managing a wide range of photography and videography equipment, including cameras, lenses, stabilizers, and other accessories. Having the knowledge of latest equipment trends and selecting the appropriate tools allows to achieve the desired visual outcome.
Adaptation to Various Genres
An experienced cinematographer can adapt their visual style and techniques to suit different genres, whether it's narrative films, documentaries, commercials, or music videos. They understand the specific requirements and aesthetics of each genre very well.
Creative vision
A skilled cinematographer has a unique artistic vision and the ability to bring ideas to life through visuals. They can translate concepts and scripts into compelling visual narratives, adding depth and emotion to the entire storytelling process.
A professional cinematographer knows how to use visual elements, framing, and camera techniques to convey storytelling elements. They understand how cinematography can influence the narrative, evoke emotions, and contribute to the overall story arc.

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15 September 2017

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